Personal Plan for Technology

Julie Nowak, Principal
James B. Conant High School
Hoffman Estates, IL

Dear Mrs. Nowak,
I would like to reach out to you and propose to you an idea that could benefit our students as well as the teaching staff in our school. I believe that would should push to get entire classroom sets of IPad’s. In today’s society many of our students are already very much wrapped up in technology, they have smart phones and play video games and even complete much of their school work using technology. So for some students who don’t have the means of accessing such technology they can be at a severe disadvantage when it comes to learning. Many students may not have to the funds to have a personal computer or maybe they don’t have a way to gain access to one outside of school. A classroom set of IPad’s would fix this problem as well as benefiting the students in a plethora of other ways. The classroom is perfectly primed for integrating IPads they would make all of our daily lives easier and increase the comprehension and excitement about learning in our schools.
IPads have the ability to consolidate the materials a student needs to be successful on a daily basis all the notebooks as well as many of the educational books students need can be all in one place. The students can take notes on the iPads whether they would like to type or write it out with a stylist and using airdrop if needed they can show their work to the class or provide answers up on the projector with the click of a button. This feature can also be used to quickly share information from students to teacher or between students in class.
Students who may not have the economic means to access a computer or get online to complete an assignment. These IPads would be issued to the students at the beginning of the semester and they would be free to bring them home and use them as the need to. Students often times aren’t able to drive to the library of even stay at school late because they wouldn’t have any other way to get home due to having working family members. This would provide students with a reliable way to access the internet as well as a way to write papers and communicate with their teacher via email. This would absolutely increase the amount of on time assignments as well as the expectations and performance of the students. This would also make the lives of teacher much easier by being able to so easily share notes and power points with students they can spend a great deal of time more explaining concepts and reviewing topics students struggle with because they can save time on note taking.
Many people may argue that it is just another thing to distract the students but there are programs that can be easily put in place to force students only to use academic tools during school hours. The next biggest drawback some may say is the cost, well the IPads will pay for themselves in less than 2 years’ time. The average school spends about 50,000 dollars annually on paper alone which is an extremely high number. School’s will be able to cut that number in half because their won’t be such a need for paper all assignments and handouts can now be shared electronically. As well as helping the environment IPads are can save trees and be a part of the school starting or continuing a go green initiative. The average school consumes 74 trees annually and cutting that number down significantly will make many of us feel better and most likely spark more interest on the topic from our students. Once students become aware of the good they are starting to do they will be inspired to go one step further and one step further from all of our students is a great distance to travel.
These benefits are also multiplied by the huge amount of excitement students will have to use them. They will be more engaged because technology is more “fun” and interesting to the students and that is the most important part of these IPads. The increased motivation will do more for these students than any feature on the tablet, Homework isn’t a chore any longer but a great excuse to use their shiny new IPads. This motivation will ultimately end up increasing test scores across the board and at the end of the day furthering the ease and quality of education is my main objective so I don’t see any alternative that has the ability to impact that aspect in such a way, so this is the only way to do our jobs as educators to the fullest.
Thank you, Jordan Hughes


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